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Program Descriptions:

In the PRISM program gymnasts will earn one of 7 colored pins based on participation and the skills they complete in class.  Gymnasts will use ribbons, hoops, balls, ropes, and scarves.  Gymnasts will work on routines for the spring show held each year at the end of the term.  A costume piece, usually a skirt, is included in the class fee.  Prism classes are divided into Prism I and Prism II.

These gymnasts work towards building performances for various events including our Spring Show and Gymfests or Gymnaestradas.  We also have Junior Performance Teams at 12 Mile Coulee and Edgemont.  These programs are open to gymnasts ages 8 and up with 2 or more years of gymnastics and/or dance.  There may be limited availability in our Hidden Valley Performance Team due to its popularity.  Please contact Heather at if you have questions regarding availability of this program.  There are additional costs related to participating in gymnaestradas and gymfests.  Performance costumes are supplied but must be returned at the end of the performance season.

This class is for gymnasts aged 8 and older who are registered in one of our performance team programs and wish to work on their body technique.  Gymnasts will work on turns, leaps, jumps, balances, flexibility, and core strength, cross floor sequences and other techniques.  This class is highly recommended for gymnasts registered in the Hidden Valley Performance Team program.

We are pleased to offer Acro Dance. Gymnasts will develop their floor and partner acro skills.  This is a beginner/intermediate level class for ages 7 years and older.  Skills may include:  bridges, headstands, handstands, cartwheels (square and open), front/back walkovers, splits, rolls, one-arm cartwheels and walkovers, chest stands, elbow stands, roll-over-bridges, and several different partnering tricks. Students will progress at their own rate and set personal goals for the session.  Acro skills will be integrated into a rhythmic dance routine for the spring show. A costume piece is included in the fee.

Women’s RG and Stretch
Try this introductory class to see what Rhythmics is all about.  It is never too late to start. 
Enjoy fun routines & great music. Performance at Spring Show optional.